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          Power Transmission

          In power transmission, we construct, rebuild, upgrade, and reconductor high voltage transmission lines and substations. Historically, Barnard has worked with more than 25 utility clients, many under repeat contracts. In recent years, that work has come to include power transmission and substation projects. We have built a team that combines some of our long-term professionals well practiced in our management style, our aggressive scheduling, and our focus on safety and quality with highly experienced, well respected technicians who’ve joined Barnard for a growth opportunity. At Barnard, we know how to build relationships with landowners as well as owners, so that when the work is complete, every stakeholder views the project as a success.

          West of Devers Upgrade Project

          To assist Southern California Edison in bringing additional electrical capacity to the Southern California power grid, Barnard is upgrading 184 circuit miles of existing 220kV transmission line between San Bernardino and Palm Springs.

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          MSE Substation Upgrade Project, Phases 1 and 2

          To support the projected server load of Cryptowatt Mining’s Bitcoin mining data center in Montana, Barnard upgraded a 20 MW brownfield substation to 133.4 MW in two phases.

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          Oroville Dam Transmission Line Permanent Reroute Project

          After constructing a Temporary Shoofly line at the base of Oroville Dam, Barnard worked with the California DWR under an EPC arrangement to permanently reroute the transmission line.

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          Oroville Dam Transmission Line Shoofly

          Barnard’s Electric Transmission Group assisted the California DWR in moving two double-circuit 230kV lines that traversed the threatened Oroville Dam by installing a Temporary Shoofly.

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          Nye Substation

          Barnard constructed a greenfield 100/50kV substation in support of Phase One of NorthWestern Energy’s program to upgrade rural transmission lines in southcentral Montana.

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          Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission Project

          Sixty-two miles of new transmission line in Southern California now allows LADWP to bring renewable energy into its power portfolio.

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          Haskell to Rinaldi Reconductor EPC Project

          Crossing over some of Los Angeles’ busiest highways to upgrade an existing 230kV transmission line required careful planning and close, continuous communication with stakeholders.

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          Asherville-Idalia 161kV Transmission Line Rebuild

          The potential for hostile weather and the local communities’ dependence on power transferred through this line set the incredibly aggressive 90-day schedule for this 22-mile 161kV rebuild project.

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