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          Southern System Expansion II

          In launching this project, Questar needed a well organized contractor capable of constructing 59 miles of 24-inch natural gas pipeline through solid rock at high elevations on a fast-track schedule. The remote right-of-way (ROW) through Utah's Book Cliffs Range would be challenging. Travel to the middle of the job took two hours over rough terrain.

          Our planning and efficiency in the field proved critical once again. Zero anomalies in 59 miles bear this out, as does our completion ahead of schedule. To address the limited access, we established warehouse/office setups at both the project's north and south ends. Where the project crossed archaeologically sensitive areas, we worked with extreme care. We take being a good neighbor seriously: In 2008, Questar received an Earth Day Award from the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining for constructing this project in a sensitive manner that resulted in a “pipeline right-of-way that was virtually unnoticeable to users of the road immediately after construction.”

          Southern System Expansion II

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