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          EAA A-1 Reservoir (Environmental)

          Barnard completed three contracts for the South Florida Water Management District as part of a broad-based effort to restore the Everglades. Originally conceived of as a 16,000-acre above-ground reservoir, the EAA A-1 Project was intended to allow for the collection and controlled releases of water from Lake Okeechobee and Central Florida prior to its release into the Everglades.

          The project’s original goal was not the only aspect of the undertaking that improved the immediate environment. The fact that within our team’s three completed GMP contracts we had self-performed roughly 75 percent of the various contracts and conducted very successful subcontracting and local hiring programs means we also reduced the project’s carbon footprint. We actively engaged the local community in our outreach program to ensure maximum local participation. More than 77 percent of the project’s goods and services were purchased locally.  Additionally, 80 percent of the employees came directly from the surrounding area, resulting in several millions of dollars directly reinvested in the local community. The project was put on hold for owner convenience in 2008 in light of a U.S. Sugar land purchase by the State of Florida.

          EAA A-1 Reservoir (Environmental)

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