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          Our People

          As contractors, we deal with many types of resources. Though all of them are important – equipment, vehicles, supplies, money, and time – we owe our success to the integrity and dedication of our people, their professionalism and attention to safety and quality. Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, who are knowledgeable in a given area of expertise, willing to learn, and innovative in their approach, is what will make or break any company. We are those people. We build for our clients; we build for our Partners; and we build for each other. Meet some of our people.


          Executive Management Team

          Timothy Barnard


          “Our future lies within the culture of our organization and in each and every individual. It is based upon seizing dreams and opportunities and turning them into realities. We are doing things today that we only dreamed of in the not-too-distant past."

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          Jeff L. Higgins

          Chief Executive Officer

          “The construction industry is really a people industry. If you have the right people, and we do, there’s really no bar too high for us to reach.”

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          Marty Jorgensen

          President, Barnard Pipeline, Inc.

          “Our people are our most valuable asset. Without them we are just another contractor.”

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          Dan Schall

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          “Our people are unique: they have the right attitude, knowledge and culture to take on the challenges posed by the type and location of the work we perform. They thrive on working with project owners that have a desire and attitude to be involved in the process. It is amazing what our people can do.”

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          Mike Jenkins

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          “I enjoy the complicated, messy, problematic nature of our industry and working as a part of a team to devise solutions, whether a day’s challenge is geotechnical, weather, materials, or stakeholder related. Each day presents a new puzzle to solve with people I enjoy and respect.”

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          Derek Tisdel

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          “I’ve found that Barnard is a company where hard work, dedication and experience are recognized and rewarded with greater responsibility and personal growth. Our work is as complex, unique and challenging as any in the industry, which is why I love what we do.”

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          Brian Krohmer

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          “Barnard’s unique culture and opportunity for rapid growth attract hard-working, motivated people. It’s these people that allow us to construct some of the most challenging and rewarding projects in our industry while still maintaining a ‘smaller’ company feel.”

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          Aaron Rietveld

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          "Barnard is a Company that is highly respected by Owners, Engineers, Subcontractors and our Peers. This respect comes from our exceptional performance on unique and challenging projects while treating all stakeholders with respect and honesty. I'm proud to be a part of that."

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          Mike Fuller

          Vice President & Operations Manager

          “The Barnard culture resembles a sports team. We win together, we lose together, and we learn together. Our culture is built upon individuals with varied experience working together to achieve a common goal.”

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          Zach Bowler

          Vice President, Barnard Pipeline, Inc.

          “The projects we build have many challenging aspects that often require unique solutions. I love that all of the individuals are given the trust, respect and responsibility to come up with these solutions and to continue to improve the success of each other and the company.”

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          Jim Tilleman, CPA


          “Barnard seeks out a variety of challenging projects that continue to make my job interesting and enjoyable. During my more than 20 years at Barnard, I have had the opportunity to work with a group of hard-working, smart and innovative people.”

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          Ben Campbell

          Vice President of Finance

          “Barnard has a culture that develops and encourages hard work and innovation, and also provides us with the opportunity to apply these traits to the most challenging projects. It’s a combination that has produced an organization of extraordinary and talented individuals who I respect and appreciate working with every day.”

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          J. Patrick Brown, J.D.

          Corporate General Counsel

          “I most value the people I work with. I get to work with the brightest, most dedicated, hardest working people in the industry. As General Counsel, my role is not to practice law but to enable others in the Barnard family to build complex, challenging projects. The work they do is amazing. It is extremely gratifying to be part of building something with them.”

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          Business Development Team

          Kevin L. Schneider

          Dams, Hydropower & Water Resources Business Development

          Kevin Schneider works in new business development, seeking out work in the heavy civil arena. He works with new clients and Owners we've formed relationships with, directs RFP and SOQ responses, and contributes regularly to value engineering, project value assessments, marketing, and bid team management.

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          Dawn Dobson

          Underground Construction Business Development

          With 25 years of experience in tunneling and underground mining, Dawn Dobson understands the complexities of the underground construction industry. In Business Development, she conducts client outreach regarding future projects, coordinates with joint venture partners, and prepares qualification and proposal packages.

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          Jerry Askin

          Power Transmission Business Development

          In Business Development, Jerry Askin seeks out and prices new work in the Power Transmission markets for Barnard's growing Transmission Group.

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          Gavin Tasker

          Heavy Civil, Dams, Reservoirs, Hydropower & Water Resources Business Development

          Gavin Tasker enjoys finding challenging new business opportunities for Barnard. With 25 years of experience on a broad range of heavy civil projects, he understands the complexity of Barnard’s work and seeks to develop and maintain relationships with partners and potential customers.

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          Rick Hollenbaugh

          Power Transmission Business Development

          Rick Hollenbaugh works collaboratively with clients to assess and develop solutions to the most complex Power Transmission projects. He brings 30 years of power and renewable market experience to Barnard’s Business Development Team.

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          Paul Kraus

          Heavy Civil, Dams & Reservoirs Business Development

          Paul Kraus uses his hands-on construction expertise to seek challenging new work in the heavy civil, infrastructure, and transportation markets. He continually builds upon his industry relations and heavy civil background to pursue growth opportunities that will lead to long-term value for clients, Owners, and new customers.

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          Mike Westgate, P.Eng.

          Heavy Civil Business Development - Canada

          Mike Westgate has spent over 15 years managing, pursuing, and delivering large-scale civil projects across Canada. His strong skills in management, strategy, and negotiation have carried over into Business Development, where his experience on design-build and public-private partnership civil projects promotes project delivery efficiencies, value creation, and risk mitigation for clients and partners alike.

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          Lyle McClellan

          Underground Construction Business Development

          Lyle McClellan pursues new work for Barnard’s tunnel group. His in-depth knowledge of Barnard’s resources and capabilities coupled with his experience in the field make him a valuable contact for Owners and Engineers.

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          Departmental Managers

          Mike Flynn, RSP

          Corporate Safety Director

          As our Corporate Safety Director, Mike Flynn develops and provides technical and administrative direction on all safety and health policies and programs for Barnard, including developing and implementing safety training programs for employees.

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          Jarod Johnson

          Human Resources Director

          Jarod Johnson actively recruits exceptional students as new hires and for our internship program and seeks to fill key positions within Barnard. His role involves continual training at jobsites and the Home Office, and oversight of drug testing in the field. He ensures that Barnard’s employees receive generous benefits and comply with the most current industry regulations.

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          Kelly Pavlik

          Estimating Manager

          As Estimating Manager, Kelly Pavlik oversees the Estimating Department and coordinates the myriad of activities required to bid multiple projects under a number of disciplines at one time. Her job includes implementing systemwide upgrades to our Sharpe Estimating program and managing dissemination of bid information to team participants in-house as well as to potential subcontractors and suppliers.

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          Scott Lundberg

          Information Technology and Services Director

          Scott Lundberg directs Barnard’s IT Department in outfitting and training more than 200 engineers, as well as our crews and support and administrative personnel with accounting, material tracking, Microsoft Office, Windows and Primavera software. This department also is responsible for the LAN and WAN networks and for establishing and maintaining our remote networks each time Barnard opens a new field office.

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          Tina M. Shepard

          Equipment Manager

          Tina Shepard oversees 200-plus pieces of heavy machinery, a large crusher plant operation, and a broad range of smaller equipment. She is our contact for those interested in purchasing or selling heavy equipment.

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          Debbie Jackson

          Risk Management Director

          As Barnard’s Risk Management Director, Debbie Jackson is responsible for the Company’s global insurance and surety programs. She works closely with our Senior Management, Operations Managers, Legal Department, and other internal departments.

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          Kathy Higgins

          Environmental and Quality Manager

          As Environmental and Quality Manager, Kathy Higgins oversees Barnard’s environmental and quality policies and programs. She is directly involved with each project in determining compliance with federal, state, and local regulations as well as managing the company's quality assurance and quality control programs.

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          Carol G. Diffendaffer

          Marketing Director

          Carol Diffendaffer’s work as Barnard’s Marketing Director encompasses managing the Marketing Department in creation and production of prequalifications, proposals, and other responses to Owner’s requests for information as well as more traditional marketing materials such as Barnard’s brochures, trade show materials, advertising and website.

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          Kent Merselis

          Director of Development

          Kent Merselis is responsible for Barnard’s investments in the acquisition and development of real estate properties. He brings to this position more than 25 years of experience in this field.

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          Company Headquarters
          701 Gold Avenue
          Bozeman, MT

          p: 406-586-1995 / f: 406-586-3530
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